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Services @ Host Resting Place.

Boarding . Clients dogs at the host home to stay overnight . while boarding host will sent photographs either by via email or thru your mobile device.

Dog walks. Pick clients dog at their home and provide a 30 mins walk.

Dog Hosting services.

  1. 0-15 p.
  2. 16-40 p.
  3. 41-100 p.
  4. 101+ p.
  1. Host lives in a apartment
  2. Non – smoking household
  3. Potty break 3 – 4 hours
  4. No back yard
  5. No crating
  6. Kids 0 – 5 are around
  7. Not allowed on bed
  8. No – pets
  9. Dogs allow on furniture


  1. Oral medication administration
  2. Injected medication administration
  3. Special need dog care
  4. Senior need dog care
  5. CPR first – Aid
  6. Can provide daily exercise

    Petsitting Policy. Our boarding goes by the days. Mon – Fri ° is five days .

    Drop In Visits . host stop by clients home while there away a few times a day for 30 mins eachtime to provide medical needs , feed and play with their pet. This drop in visit we don’t utilize for dogs. This is for our cat-Lovers .

    Coming Soon ! Heartlem Scrubber Dub.

    The heartlem scrubber Dub is a Drop-in grooming service. We are currently working on how we begin. be advice Till Further Notice.

    We accept all major credit cards.very easy & simple – make the payment thru your mobile device. Ask about our finances why pay now while you can pay later.

    To know more about our prices click on this link @Puppylovewalks

    Our certification image is on Facebook is designed. For no one to duplicate. Copyright.


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